AIA-Kansas Embracing Disruption 2019 Conference

Slides for my Keynote Presentation: Designs on the Future

Slides for Breakout Session on Presentation and Thinking Skills: How to be Heard Above the Noise

Books mentioned in Designs on the Future, in the order mentioned:

Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke

Life is more like poker than chess. Life, like poker, involves skill, incomplete information and luck.

Range by David Epstein

…the bigger the picture, the more unique the potential for human contribution. Our greatest strength is the exact opposite of narrow specialization. It is the ability to integrate. David Epstein

The Creativity Code by Marcus du Sautoy

Being creative requires a jolt to take us out of the well carved paths we retrace each day. This is where the machine might come in: perhaps it could give us that jolt, throw up a new suggestion, stop us from simply repeating the same algorithm each day. Machines might ultimately help us, as humans, behave less like machines. Marcus du Sautoy

The Thinking Hand by Juhani Pallasmaa

The use of the computer has broken the sensual and tactile connection between imagination and the object of design. Juhani Pallasmaa 

Curious by Ian Leslie

What it is and why your future depends upon it.

Zero to One by Peter Theil

According to Peter Theil, four of the six founders of PayPal did __________ during high school…

Exit, Voice & Loyalty by Albert O. Hirschmann

Some fascinating and necessary ideas for organizations that want to survive inevitable changes with their members.

Books mentioned in How to be Heard Above the Noise:

Reader Come Home by Maryanne Wolf

Worth Remembering: The Future Value of Old Ideas by David Zach

My collection of favorite old quotations that have something to say about the future.

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

How to design an elegant slide deck.

Slideology by Nancy Duarte

Another good book on designing a better slide deck.

And, here’s a link to Billie Faircloth’s TEDx Philly talk on The Beauty and Mystery of the 2×4