A side curiosity project is to learn from Creatives: How do you finish? What are the tools, tricks and tactics you use to get a creative project from some mid-point to the point of either completion and satisfaction – or abandonment?

Of course this has a lot of self-interest in it. I know how to start things and I’ve been reasonably good at seeing a number of creative projects to an end point. But not enough. As I launch into a sense of 2.0, what better to do than ask my unbelievably rich network of artists, architects and designers (and those with secret side-lives of creatives) on what they do to finish?

I’m not sure what the end point of this is for me or for others. I’m not sure if I’ll uncover anything that’s not better said already in such books as The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. (A favorite book, by the way.) Regardless, it’s has been urged upon me to at least keep those I’ve interviewed aware of any interesting findings.