This article from NPR: In the Age of Screen Time, Is Paper Dead?  explores why not only is paper a good thing, but that screen time is an over-rated thing. And here’s the importance of the sensual side of paper or any other material: We have too often reduced design down to a single digit, down to the very tip of the index finger to click, click, click our way from idea to design and then product. Time and again, I have been impressed with designers who are not stuck behind a desk but actually have a relationship, as it were, with the materials. They know their materials, from fabric to bricks – and are not afraid of them. I’m convinced that the future of design, well, let’s even extend that to the future of everything, will be saved by people not afraid to get dirt under their nails.

The use of the computer has broken the sensual and tactile connection between imagination and the object of design. Juhani Pallasmaa, The Thinking Hand

Architect Christian Sottile, former Dean of Building Arts at Savannah College of Art & Design introduced me to a marvel of a book: The Thinking Hand by Juhani Pallasmaa. It’s an exploration of how the hand knows things. Your knowledge is not just neatly tucked up inside of the brain, and your brain is a lot more distributed than you think. Pallasmaa believes that imagination requires getting connected to the materials.

A desk is a dangerous place from which to observe the world. John LeCarre