This is one of my favorite books of 2018. Annie Duke is a world champion poker player, but I think she’s a Futurist, or maybe I should call her a futurist, and not capitalize it – as for most people it’s a skill set that they do or don’t have, not so much a profession. All decisions are by their nature about the future and when you don’t have all the information, you are helped by having better decision making skills and by luck. She believes that poker is the best game metaphor for life, and not chess as many others believe.

Here’s a podcast interview with her on how to make better decisions with money. Get her book here on Amazon. For books like this, I often listen to it first, then read a paper copy because I have to read with pen in hand when I really want to learn from the author.  There’s a lot to learn from her that can help you become a futurist too.